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Aluminum fences require nearly zero maintenance and offer many of the desired qualities of a metal fence, making them a very good choice for businesses and homes alike. Aluminum is an extremely durable fence material and will often last for decades before any kind of major maintenance and replacement is necessary. If you are worried about rust or corrosion damage from the outside elements (which we are very familiar with in Moses Lake), this style of fencing is a great choice because it is so impervious to these factors. Cleaning is as easy as spraying with a household hose or pressure washer! In addition to the lightweight frame and easy maintenance, customization is also a benefit to aluminum fences as this metal can be molded into an amazing amount of shapes and styles which can act as a standalone fence or as an aesthetic addition to a wrought iron or wooden fence. Pricing is very affordable and we would be happy to provide you with a free estimate for your home or business.



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