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Moses Lake Fencing Company

Our heavy Wrought Iron fences are strong, stable, and stately. They have the durability any customer would ask for – some last up to 100 years or more! The designs that we offer are top of the line but this also depends on our customers’ preferences. In addition to the durability, strength, and stability, wrought iron fences are well known and highly rated for their ecological friendliness and also their ease of maintenance and revival as needed. Revival methods include hand scraping, wire-brushing, or sandblasting. To maintain a wrought iron fence, a high level of attention and dedication is required. There is the need to apply liquid wax or clear linseed oil periodically and occasionally rinsing the surfaces using soapy water. Rust can be handled through scraping using steel wool and maybe a commercial rust remover. To prevent rust, paint needs to be applied every five years. While more expensive than our other metal fences, the majestic look of a wrought iron fence will leave your guests or customers very impressed.



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Moses Lake Fencing Company

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