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Wooden Fences

Wooden fences are found all throughout Moses Lake, and ours are some of the best quality you can have. We truly feel that a wooden fence is very much a form of art, and our fencing experts are well equipped with the both basic and advanced skills needed to install a wood fence. Our lines are straight, our fences are even, and our quality is high. 

Here is a brief list of the types of wood we traditionally use for fences in Moses Lake:

This soft wood is a great choice for fencing because it is relatively inexpensive and is extremely durable. Because it is a soft wood it is resistant to shrinking due to the elements. Many fences are built with pressure treated pine wood which will remain strong and healthy for up to 20 years!

While more expensive than some of the other materials, cedar is a fantastic material for wooden fences as it is durable and requires very little maintenance. Often used for privacy fences, cedar is a naturally repellent wood to insects which helps prevent avoidable damage and rot.

Much like cedar, Cyprus is strong and durable and naturally repels insects. It can be used for many styles of fencing and is also comparable in price to cedar.

Unlike some of the other wood types we use, redwood comes naturally in a beautiful deep red color that looks stunning when it is simply given a clear cote to protect it from the elements.

While less durable than some of the other options we offer, spruce is very budget friendly and looks great. Often times you will see prefab panels for fences made out of spruce which can be a quick and affordable fencing option for your home or business.

Our most popular styles of wooden fences are:

Typically made from cedar, privacy fences can make a crowded space seem private, hence the name. These fences can come in various heights and provide your house or property with a feeling of intimacy, privacy, and enclosure. There is a large selection of accents you can choose to line the top of your cedar privacy fence.

much like a traditional privacy fence, horizontal fences do not have spaces between the boards which creates an enclosed area. While a traditional privacy fence has vertical running boards, horizontal fences are the opposite which creates a more modern look and feel. 

One step away from a privacy fence, shadow box fences allow a small amount of space and light to penetrate between the boards, creating really neat features depending on how the sunlight is hitting the fence. 

traditional style used for larger, longer fences due to using less material than the other options listed. These fences have anchor posts spaced evenly throughout the fence line with half or whole rails running horizontally. There are many customization options available with this style of fencing depending on budget and needs. 

​The prices of wooden fences that we offer can vary greatly depending on the selected options listed above. While wooden fences can be more expensive than some of our other options, you will often find that the appraised value added to your home or business far exceeds the cost of building the fence.